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Dear Parents / Guardians

Namaskaram / Bula Vinaka


As we prepare to physically reopen school beginning on 4th January 2022 for Year 8 and 10th January 2022 for ECCE to Year 7, we have worked to create a safe environment so that students and staff can continue with learning. The following are the standard operating procedures that will help reduce risk during key times throughout the day.

Arrival and departure time of students to and from school

For safety reasons students are expected to arrive in school no earlier than 7.00 am and are to wait at the front gate entry point to be guided by the teachers on duty for temperature checks. Social physical distancing and other COVID 19 safety protocols are to be strictly followed. In the afternoon all students should vacate the school by 3.15 pm. Parents and guardians who pick their children after school should make arrangements to pick them up by 3.15 pm. Pick and drop will be strictly outside the front gate and SSKMC gate only. No parent or guardian will be allowed into the school premises without approval from the Head Teacher. Main gate will be closed –only the attached small gate will be opened in order to adhere to COVID 19 safety protocols.

Movement about the School

All covid safety protocols are to be strictly exercised while moving about the school. Students will be expected to exercise frequent hand washing during the school day. Students exhibiting COVID symptoms during the school day will be escorted to the sick bay. Parents of sick students will be contacted immediately and will be instructed to pick their child within 30 minutes to 60 minutes and seek medical attention. All parents that request to pick their child up early due to emergencies will have to make an appointment with Head Teacher first and proper Id and vaccination card will be checked. Only fully vaccinated people will be allowed in the school compound. Once clearance is provided for pick up, students will be escorted for early dismissal.

Wearing of masks

Wearing of mask is mandatory in schools hence parents must provide masks for their children which should cover the nose and mouth. Students will be required to wear masks from the time they leave home for school to when they return home after school (especially if travelling by public transport). Masks should be made from appropriate fabric such as cotton (for our weather), tightly woven and multi layered to provide maximum protection and to avoid skin rashes during hot climate.

(NB: any child with any reservations for wearing masks will be required to produce a medical certificate from the authorized medical practitioners)

Temperature Checks

Anyone entering the school premises must have their temperature taken. This includes staff, students, parents and any other approved visitors to school. Temperature screenings will be conducted using a hand held temperature monitoring device to accurately measure the presence of fever (medically approved device)

The following must be used as guidelines:

·         If temperature is less than 37.5degrees C, proceed to enter school or commence duty

·         If temperature continues to be equal to or above 37.5 degrees C on any reading, person shall be denied entry into the school compound.


Care Fiji QR code for check in and check out is pasted at the main entry and exit point of the school. This is specifically for teachers, staff, parents/guardians and visitors who walk into the school premises.


·         The number of parents/guardians entering the school premises are kept at a minimum and if they are permitted to, they must comply with all COVID 19 Safety protocols (parents must call the office to make arrangements)

·         Parents are advised to provide lunch in the morning rather than dropping lunch to school later. This is to minimize movements in school.

·         Students are to refrain from sharing, drinking water bottles, cups and eating utensils. They should also bring their own handkerchiefs.

·         Until further notice, no tourists or unauthorized visitors should enter the school premises. Parents/guardians and other personnel making repairs or delivering usual services to a school are excluded from this requirement.

·         Anyone entering the school premises must be fully vaccinated (excluding students), wear masks, have their temperature checked by the school staff and have Care Fiji app installed and Bluetooth turned on.

We need the support of everyone during this challenging time as we can only get through this challenge together.


Thank You

Head Teacher


by Head Teacher -

Dear teachers, parents, students and well wishers.

I wish to WELCOME each and everyone of you to term 4 of 2021. 



by Head Teacher -

Dear teachers, parents, students and well wishers.

I wish to WELCOME each and everyone of you to term 3 of 2021. 


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